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DreamPerretta Foundation
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Want your name in lights attached to a great cause?

Share your magic with us today.

DreamPerretta Foundation

in association with

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


We are MVPStyln Productions, a new and rising production company in the heart and soul of Los Angeles. We strive to empower artists to create their own magic. This is especially the case for children who want to create magic, but are held back by major illnesses.


Thus, we are introducing you to the DreamPerretta Foundation. We are the very first production company to form a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting sick kids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. It is a cause that we are wholeheartedly devoted to, and it is what motivates us to push forward.


100% of proceeds will go toward:

1. Covering the expenses of these kids' health care

2. Funding research that may lead to cures and treatments

3. Allowing these kids to experience the magic of the film industry


This cannot be accomplished without you. The MVPSTYLN TEAM invites you to be the reason these kids can dream bigger and believe that they, too, can create magic.


We ask that you donate $100 to DreamPerretta Foundation via our website. Your generosity will not be forgotten.


Bonus: We are offering a magical opportunity for you to have your name in upcoming film credits. Please contact us to learn more about the benefits attached to higher donation tiers.


Need help? Please email us at, if you require assistance or additional information.

Two ways to donation below or over $100: 

1. Click On Magic Founding Below  


2. Print and fill out the donation form

- Prepare your payment

  • If cash, enclose the cash in your envelope

  • If check, enclose the check in your envelope and make it payable to DreamPerretta Foundation

  • If card, fill out the card details on the donation form

Enclose your completed donation form and payment in your envelope

Stamp and mail your envelope to our address:

  • MVPStyln Productions
    1901 Avenue of the Stars #200
    Los Angeles, CA 90067

For donations of $100, please click the Donate Now button below:

Thank you for your magic.

We deeply appreciate your donation.

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